Anyone know where to source a shirt/overshirt similar to this?

Backcountry Cord Shirt Storm Green - Passenger
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Todd Snyder
Boucle Chore Jacket in Evergreen
This Boucle Chore Jacket is the epitome of Todd’s rugged-meets-refined aesthetic. The silhouette is based on the classic French workman’s jacket known: it features two hand pockets and a single chest pocket.  52% Polyester, 48% Virgin Wool Genuine Horn Buttons Full Fit for Layering Unlined One Patch-and-Flap Chest Pock
From An unknown user
From An unknown user
From An unknown user
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rej2mo ago
looks like a black moleskin chore coat. ebay might be your best bet, but they can get pretty spendy because they're sought after in vintage circles.
madvillainy2mo ago
Ah, adding moleskin to my search query yields better results. Thank you. Like
rej2mo ago
looks like a nice option. Le Labourer makes something similar, probably a bit cheaper
Spuck2mo ago
If you find one of these at a good price get it, they're wonderful.
briquebrutale2mo ago
275$ is expensive; Le Laboureur is half the price and equally good
ClassClown2mo ago
I do also like Wolf Vintage for this kind of jacket at an even lower price point, but it's a little different in style
OuiLoveCheese2mo ago
As it turns out, the man in the pic is a regular customer at my shop. I saw him today and asked about the shirt, and he said it’s from Noah. (I should have asked what material it was but the conversation drifted to other things)