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Initially, when I got into Valorant and was into improving myself to win my games, I was told a good sens would be one that allows me to be able to turn around 180° perfectly. Not sure what my dpi is but the sens that got me to be able to 180° spin perfectly is 1.6. As I played for 2 years, I realized not everyone has this type of sens. Their sens felt much heavier and takes a few mouse glides for them to be able to turn 180° and these players got better hs rate than I do. With that, I dropped my sens a little to 1 and was hitting heads a few times more than before. The control I had was much better compared to the higher one I had played with for 2 years. Here comes the question, how to determine whether or not my aim sens is optimal for play?
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Diet Pepsi
Diet Pepsi2mo ago
there is no optimal sens it depends on what you like if you feel like your sens is making you inconsistent then switch
Replik2mo ago
all depends on what feels right to you but lower sens and dpi are usually reccommended to have a better aim if your setup is small then higher dpis or sens can help you as well I use 0.7 sens and 800 dpi