can't run on mumuplayer

When I try to login to my acc it just loads forever. Are there any settings I need to change on mumuplayer?
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PGC Helper2mo ago
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mini2mo ago
try disabling the google play store, make sure you have mumu6 aswell as arm64 bit version of pgsharp, follow this tutorial and read this thread is u have any other issues/questions
Sir Silly of the Sand Land
i have the same issue and whenever i sign in and out of accounts i reinstall pogo, and then enable and disable google play store, load up pogo and sign in again takes about 5 mins and i just import all my settings
nick ₉ ⁹ ₉ 🔥
are you using mumu 6?
Sir Silly of the Sand Land
yeah i can get around the issue though, its just an annoyance also only happens when using google accounts, ptc dont glitch it
Tal2mo ago
It worked thanks
YAGPDB.xyz2mo ago
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