Redirect Pages Request to Worker only if header is set

Hey, Is there any way to redirect some request that are usually served by Pages to a Worker. I would like to select those request depending on if a HTTP header has a specific value. I know I could use Worker Routes, but that would mean that all request would hit the worker, not only request with that header, which would be overkill since only a minority of request will actually include the header. In the best case it should not do an actual redirect, but just handle the request differently on the server side. Thanks a lot in advance!
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Chaika2mo ago
Nothing you can do right now except use a Worker Route and have it run on all traffic but not do anything, but in the near future you will be able to use Snippets: which are really small/restricted workers but they run according to the ruleset engine, which you could then have only run when a header is equal to a specific value/exists/etc. You could do all your logic in the snippet if it's simple enough, or have the snippet call out to your worker directly.
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Cloudflare Snippets is now available in alpha
Cloudflare Snippets are available in alpha. Snippets are a simple way of executing a small piece of Javascript on select HTTP requests, using the ruleset engine filtering logic.
DerZade2mo ago
Cool thank you so much!