I think my home network is blocked by cloudflare and I have no idea why

I just want to use mangadex but I'm completely blocked both on my computer and my phone. I can get it on the site by turning of my internet on my phone and I was adviced that my home network was probably banned on here. I find this very confusing becouse I have never even been on the site, please help!
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CosmosisT5w ago
If mangadex is a domain; their firewall has you blocked it could be regional, ISP, or whatever they had set. It may be accidental or intentional (yet maybe unintentional). If you suspect it to be an error you could try to reach out to the provider but as it stands you may need an external IP to enter. This is not a cloudflare issue in such case but domain administrator's decisions.
Flare5w ago
If you are blocked by a website that uses Cloudflare, you need to contact the website owner to appeal or investigate the block. Cloudflare is configured by the site owner, and Cloudflare will not overwrite the configuration of any customer. Nobody in this Discord nor any Cloudflare employee will be able to help you. The site owner can investigate why you were blocked through your ray id.
Ylva :}
Ylva :}5w ago
Alright thanks!
Alf4w ago
Could someone add solved tag?
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