Extruder clicking and massive under extrusion

Hello everyone! I am suffering a problem with my ratrig v3.1 500mm. UHF rápido 2.0 running included 0.6mm nozzle LDO orbiter 2.0 Printing overture PETG When printing with my 0.6mm nozzle I am always getting under extrusion and clicking noise from my extruder printing at 240c. The only way I get better results is by printing at 260c at which point the under extrusion stops, however overhangs become hard, especially as this PETG is meant for 230c. Any suggestions? I’ve been scrolling through other peoples tickets to try and find a solution but I’m stumped.
240C 0.6
260C 0.6
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E-TF[102] Riker
E-TF[102] Riker2mo ago
@ant my good friend from yonder time! Do you have any suggestions? I was also about to buy the enclosure upgrade to be able to print some large layer highly ASA
ant2mo ago
clicking can be when it's not able to melt and push the filament through at the rate that it'sp rogrammed to feed at or it can be that the feeder mechanism is damaged.
based on your testing.. i think raising the temp to stop the clicking means that that has improved your flow but then you have other problems. how about trying to print slower so it doesn't feed as fast? you need a bunch of things in balance