entry level issue with react & functions - no links created

Hello, I just installed the react app using cloudflare documentation, and in my pages I just have out of the box react setup. I added functions folder and 2 “hello world” type functions that say calls.js and dashboard.js. Functions say: export async function onRequest(context) { return new Response (“Hello, it’s Calls page.”) } And similarly the other page also. My homepage (App.js) is also hello world message. When I try to load in my localhost:3000/calls nothing happens with either link, no error but also no activity. Per documentation it sounds like just functions folder in root should do the trick and enable these routes. What am I doing wrong? I just want basic routing functionality and some links on homepage would be great. Any insight is highly appreciated. I am afraid to use any packages like react-router since I see lots of folks complaining CF pages doesn’t support it.
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