Huge performance issues on high-end PC

Hi all, I'm having large stutters, often with my game entirely freezing, and an average of around 20FPS. My qual preset is on Medium, and my CPU Load on balanced. I tried upping the CPU load, but the problem gets worse. I am on a 4090, an i9-14900k (which I understand to be more important) and 32gb of RAM. I'm using Comp shaders atm. Any help is much appreciated, Thank you.
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Puhpine5w ago
Did you allocate more ram to Minecraft?
That Guy
That Guy5w ago
are you using complementary shaders with dh?
haggled5w ago
was allocating 24gb, currently trying 30gb to see if anything changes i am, i saw others using it in this dc and on some videos online and assumed it doesn't cause any issues Using reimagined btw, if that makes a difference
Puhpine5w ago
That's way too much, 12 should be plenty. If the issue persists at 12 gigs, the problem is somewhere else
MarijnIsN00B4w ago
@haggled Do you still need support or can I close this issue?