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Alex Ni | Flow 4D (2024-04-25)

can anyone help me with these two transactions: https://testnet.flowdiver.io/tx/5e73637ab420e29a72a6d6687838671c9d1b405113b99b5b1be6d2e30331f85c?tab= https://testnet.flowdiver.io/tx/f92aad664b6ee58fc33dfb531cc019fb02777e210b55c4a9437f4481159b3b9e?tab= both of them have the same proposal key, the same code, the same arguments, but one of them fails the only difference is that the failed transaction comes from https://hardware-wallet-api-oa3wu6tmxq-uc.a.run.app and the successful one from https://hardware-wallet-api-testnet.staging.onflow.org both services have the same environment variables
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Needle2mo ago
I've created a thread for your message. Please continue any relevant discussion in this thread. You can rename this thread using /title <new title> If this is a technical question that others may benefit from, considering also asking it on Stackoverflow: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/ask?tags=onflow-cadence
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NiAlexSan2mo ago
ah, good catch @Peter | Flow apparently we're using SHA2_256 for mainnet and SHA3_256 for testnet I'm not sure why though