Beacon Probe revH Input shaper

I am in the process of setting up my beacon probe and I was wondering if somebody could direct me as to which ADXL commands I should comment in on the printer.cfg. I used the normal one that is supposed to be connected to the control board and was given and error but I got the same error with the other line in the 'toolboard' section. Is there something else I am forgetting? If I try to generate a shaper graph the commands throws an error because I don't have anything comment in for the accelerometer. I'll keep looking through the docs but if anybody could help me out that would be awesome.
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1) what is the actual error you are getting? 2) upload your printer.cfg
F1sH5w ago
Well now that I finally admitted defeat I found this, it seems to have worked: [resonance_tester] accel_chip: beacon probe_points: 90, 90, 20