Support SLAs on Business Plan

I bought a Business Plan for Cloudflare and created a ticket. I created a P2 ticket 7 days ago and haven't received any response from support. Is this normal? I thought the SLA was suppose to be 12 hours for a response.
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Chaika2mo ago
Business never had an SLA for Tickets, only an SLO (an objective), and iirc it's gone now (or at least it's been gone from the docs for more then a month). Is it something we can potentially help with here?
thelegend272mo ago
So there's not much point in paying the USD$250 for support then? I've tried reaching out in the appropriate channel. They've stopped responding. I need an official answer for my customer as the outage impacted their business.
Akama Aka @ DoKomi
The best thing you can do is try out the live chat (as far I know availabile in business) or open a new ticket
Erisa2mo ago
@thelegend27 what is the ticket number and what topic is the ticket regarding?
slayerduck2mo ago
i paid for business over 1 month ago and i still don't have business because of the billing issue. I asked last month if they could help me up my account since i needed support but got no response on the ticket after the 'we're looking into it' i'm interested to see if live support is worth it as well, i don't think i ever seen a company screw over their paying members like cloudflare does so i think i might have made a mistake paying for it :TohruShrug: In normal business practice you'll see that if a company is mismanaged or doing poorly, the first thing that goes sour is support
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