Bliss shader DH not showing Distant Horizons Chunks (visible without shaders)

First of all, I am sorry if this has been covered already.. i've looked around and didn't find a fix yet.. I am running a modpack with Curse/overwolf that is based on the Fabric Modloader, named Prominence II [RPG] playing single player for the moment. In this pack, there is the mods that are needed ( i think ) for Distant Horizons, installed already. ( ( Everything for MC 1.20.1) fabric 0.14.25 / iris 1.6.10 / indium 1.0.27 / sodium 0.5.3 / DistantHorizons-2.0.1-a-1.20.1 ) Even thought i have all these mods running, i managed to get the game running without crash. DH is working and the Bliss shaders are on. (see screenshots) The problem is, when i put the Bliss shader DH on, whatever was generated without it is not showing. I can safely take the shader off and see them again. Is it an option to check? A file to edit, or do i just don't have the right versions to have it working? i have checked and i don't think there is mods in my list that matches the incompatible ones listed. I was really hoping to have it with other mods, but i am not an expert with this. I am not sure if i have done everything right.. thank you!
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TheNewSky2mo ago
You’re not using the right versions of distant horizons or iris. The older versions don’t work together Go to the iris server and download it from there or try the iris installer from the website if that’s easier And once you do that make sure you have the DH compatible version of bliss too
Ricky2mo ago
excellent, yea that would make sense. thank you very much! i will try that @TheNewSky
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