Blue gradient on chunks near me, any fixes?

Hi all, I'm seeing these blue gradients on chunks near me. Does anyone know a fix?
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TheNewSky2mo ago
That looks like border fog which is a shader setting but I haven’t seen it render at the edge of your normal render distance unless you’re using a version of Iris that doesn’t have DH support It kinda looks like you’re using an older version of Iris and the shaders aren’t being applied to the LODs but I can’t really tell with that screenshot
cola987652mo ago
Assuming the forge tag us accurate the shader support there is mediocre I think... Idk if Oculus updated yet or not. And eventhen you need compatible shaders. Try to disable fog in shader settings. Also what's your vanilla render distance?
TheNewSky2mo ago
Didn’t see the forge tag For forge there’s a version of oculus that works with distant horizons but it’s only for 1.20.1 The download is on the reforged hub discord server
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