support for nx monorepo and next-on-pages

Hello there, I am trying to solve the problem, where we are using nx monorepo v16, and having 1 root package.json file, previously we were using vercel for deployment but now like to get it deployed on cloudflare pages, I found the solution of @cloudflare/next-on-pages plugin but not getting the right idea to configure my all 3 existing nextjs app in a way that it can be deployed on cloidflare pages. Any help, sugguestion will be appreciated
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Chaika2mo ago
CF Pages monorepos as of last month: You could create three different Pages Projects, one for each app, and set it up their build commands differently for each and output directory. For next-on-pages specific issues there's #next-on-pages
Cloudflare Docs
Monorepos · Cloudflare Pages docs
While some apps are built from a single repository, Pages also supports apps with more complex setups. A monorepo is a repository that has multiple …
Dilip kumar tekwani
@Chaika Thanks for reverting back on this ticket. I have read this article and tried to do the deployment, I was able to do so, but project doesn't seems to be working, then I came to know about the next-on-pages from cloudflare, and now I am stuck on how to build all apps using this plugin so they can be served by cloudflare. Could you please help me out with that?? Currently we are on vercel and things work fine there but we want things to migrate to cloudflare now.