Anyone have an idea why this extrusion multiplier test looks so bad/weird overall?

All of the squares have ridges on the top that i can feel, and they all have odd "patterns"? on the top as well as i heard it scrape a decent bit, i'm setting up the printer and doing the test to get it dialed in, and while doing the heat tower test, it kept knocking it loose, so i thought it was over-extruding so i decided to do this test instead, but am now at a dead end. anyone have an idea on how to proceed? my printer is a v-core 3.1 kit and i am using super-slicer
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Max4w ago
Yes, unfortunately a lot of tests require other things to be correctly calibrated first, before they give meaningful results. Try following this guide, it is organized so that none of the tests depend on things that haven´t been calibrated yet: With regards to your test the intervals are too large to draw any meaningful conclusions. As recommended in the guide I would suggest you try again with a range of 90 - 105% in 1 or 2% intervals.
Ellis’ Print Tuning Guide
Ellis’ Print Tuning Guide