Deleting Ephemeral Messages

Is there any sort of way to reply to an interaction privately and then delete the reply?
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d.js toolkit
d.js toolkitā€¢2mo ago
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G14Moonā€¢2mo ago
No description
Syjaloā€¢2mo ago
Every interaction response should be deleted with await interaction.deleteReply()
d.js docs
d.js docsā€¢2mo ago
:method: InteractionResponses#deleteReply() Deletes a reply to this interaction.
G14Moonā€¢2mo ago
Can I do it to ephemeral replies?
chewie šŸŒˆ
chewie šŸŒˆā€¢2mo ago
G14Moonā€¢2mo ago
HOLY HECK IT WORKED! @chewie šŸŒˆ THANK YOU KING! The inability to delete ephemeral messages prior has plagued me for months! ā¤ļø