Moving site + emails to Cloudflare pages (from Digital Ocean)

Hey all, anyone know of any good resources for transferring a site (and more importantly email) from digital ocean to cloudflare? Just looking for a checklist more than a handhold, but it is important that emails are working tomorrow, so I'd take the handhold 😄 I'm thinking: MX records -> point to TXT for dmarc 2 CNAMES for DKIM pointing to MS An external dns for o365 eg: MS=ms93647839 A CNAME for o365 autodiscover An spf txt CNAMES for sendgrid A records and NS I've currently got the records in DO afaik, is there anything above I've missed, or anything that might change based on the fact that I'm moving from DO to CF? Email registrar is GoDaddy. Appreciate it **also happy to be told I shouldn't do it
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merp (Taiwan arc)
Do you mean you’re using the digitalocean DNS hosting and want to transfer DNS hosting? You still need to keep your digitalocean servers, since Cloudflare isn’t a server host. If you’re just transferring your DNS, just make sure you recreate your DNS records exactly as you had them at Digitalocean, Cloudflare’s setup wizard will try to fill most of it in automatically but it may miss a couple.
Nick3mo ago
thanks merp, you were right about the DNS wizard, got it running great, thanks. not sure about the hosting though, my site must be running on magic (pages) rn 🙂