Weird Tree Culling and Other issues

So, weird little issue. One, it doesn't seem to be rendering that far, although that might just be a time issue. Second, there seems to be areas where trees just... stop rendering? not quite sure what's going on there. And three, there are holes that i'm not quite sure how to fix. Already tried FAQ suggestions for fixes. no luck.
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cola987653mo ago
gen speed we are still tied to vanilla generator, even if we make it multithreaded it's not that fast. you can use higher CPU preset, but that's about it. trees looks like for some reason features step of generation failed... perhaps some mods you might have... send /logs, perhaps there is something there. either way, real terrain is fine, as we do not save those dummy chunks as real ones, only use them to make LODs. this is limitation of forced multithreaded generation holes if you are on 2.0.2 or below it's problem with how generator was not saving that some regions are not yet finished if you are on 2.0.3 or higher then rejoin the world. when converting form old to new it should detect them fine and fill them after conversion is done
YAGPDB.xyz3mo ago
You should send your latest.log file to provide additional useful information. Logs are located in the .minecraft/logs directory. On Windows: %appdata%\.minecraft\logs On Linux: ~/.minecraft/logs
Cryllic3mo ago
Well, i rejoined, and the same holes exist, both in missing chunks and trees. not sure.