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Slow Loading Applications & Widgets

Hey all, my Homarr seems to have developed loading times, loading has slowed down, struggling to load SOME app/widgets. The apps in question here are - Plex media stats - Media requests - Calendar = Sonnar/Lidarr/Radarr - Weather These are taking around 5 minutes to load each day this is a new behaviour. Homarr is running on a Synology NAS Screenshot: https://imgur.com/3KoOsVN
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Hi @Apx , please post the information as requested by @Cakey Bot
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Hi, loading times are really easily impacted by other services. The page won't load at all until everything is loaded in. Meaning that if you have to wait for some apps to timeout for the ping or if you use icons hosted online instead of a local cache. Firstly, I would suggest disabling the ping functionality. If the issue is not resolved, it may be trying to actively use an integration that is slow to respond. Check your logs and browser console after 5 minutes or after letting it load fully for any errors.