Doesn't load saved chunks (Fabric 1.20.1, server, multiplayer)

I play on a server, I know that I need to load them manually, and it worked. However, when I log out and log into the server, they disappear and me have to load everything again. Previously, this problem did not exist and loaded chunks appeared after a while. I tried to wait for a very long time, but it didn’t work at all. There is another player on the server with DH and everything is fine with him. How to fix it? This is a server with Create I don't have shaders or texture packs
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Puhpine3mo ago
Probably an issue with multiverse support, turn it off
Thanks, this partially helped. It still doesn’t download the old loaded chunks, but it started downloading new ones. I'll upload them again. The most interesting thing is that this function has always been enabled, but the problems started recently, I still don’t understand why it started.
Miki_P983mo ago
The code broke, it will be fixed IDK when easy like that Other thing if you didn't update DH but then its just different bug, that may already have been fixed in later version