error code -1

The game crashed whilst initializing game Error: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: com/seibel/distanthorizons/api/interfaces/override/rendering/IDhApiShadowCullingFrustum can someone please help me fix this? im trying to intall it with a bunch of other mods I have intalled, and they all have compatability
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アイアンVR3mo ago
ANYONE WHO IS HAVING THIS BUG, I FOUND OUT HOW TO FIX IT. GO TO #links-n-downloads AND DOWNLOAD WHATEVER VERSION YOU NEED, THEN GO TO forge (or fabric), build, libs, and replace whatever file you had for DH before with that one. I don't know why it fixes it, but it does. if your on 1.20.1 and forge, this is the file to replace current one with
hardester3mo ago
In short, you had the wrong version of Distant Horizons installed when paired with Iris 1.7. :linus: