Games not starting & dolphin crashing

I have a few issues 1. Dolphin keeps crashing 2. Games installed via lutris/heroic won't play. If I find the exe and add to steam -> comparability mode -> proton experimental Some start but some crash
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wolfyreload3mo ago
if you do journalctl -n 600 | fpaste after the crash or starting the game we might get an idea of the issue from the log Just paste the url with the results.
HikariKnight3mo ago
also just for good measure, make sure rebar (smart access memory) and above 4g decoding is enabled in the bios, there is currently a kernel bug that causes lots of games to not work unless those are enabled (and they should be enabled if they are available in your bios as they improve performance) if you do not have that available then the previous kernel will be on the image from may 2nd
Rhan1213mo ago
Ok will get back to you. It's happened on both legion go and Aya neo handhelds I have so will try to re create it when I get a chance I'll check this too