grub error

I tried deleting bazzite partition in windows now im stuck on a black screen that says grub > howndo i remove bazzite fully i think i did it wrong?
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Teiboku3mo ago
You can plug in a USB with the bazzite iso and reclain the space of the old bazzite partition if you want to reinstall. (make sure its only your bazzite partitons). If you want to get rid of all the remaining parts of the install, delete the boot partition (EFI system partition) should be around 300MB, Make sure your 100% sure your deleting your bazzite partition and not your windows efi and recovery. If you can't access windows to delete them, use a live boot iso.
wolfyreload3mo ago
1) Bazzite was probably your default boot, so you'll need to change that back to Windows in your bios. 2) If you dual-booting on a single disk, you'll need to boot with a live dvd of Ubuntu or Fedora, open the EFI partition and remove the Fedora folder. This will remove Bazzite/Fedora from your boot menu. Obviously leave the Microsoft boot info alone. 3) If you want to re-install Bazzite, you'll need to complete step 2 as there is a bug in Fedora's installer where it fails to do the efi boot part if there is already a link to Fedora in EFI.