LODS Not Loading suddenly.

Howdy, I recently updated to the new release candidate and noticed that my LODS were not loading properly / strangely and im not able to figure out why. I included a low quality clip of how it looks when im trying to load chunks ( the low quality was not intentional but it should give enough insight so i didn't bother redoing it ). As you may have noticed I do use a resource pack but disabling that has no effect and the issue still persists. As for the already existing LODS. It was hard to make them generate after changing the lod distance somehow some updated what seemed and seemed to stay and then it would stop loading all together again ( only the ones that already exist load fine ). As for the cpu usage it was idling on 20% with aggressive enabled ( 7950X ). I honestly have no clue what might have caused this and as a sidenote i did reset all distant horizons data before updating. If someone could help me out on this issue that would be awesome Additional info: - log: https://mclo.gs/6hN0Y0n - Hardware: 7950X, 4070 TI super, SN850X - Multiplayer local host. - Mod list: included in the full log.
Fabric 1.20.4 Client Log [#6hN0Y0n]
885 lines | 1 error
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MarijnIsN00B3mo ago
Try setting the CPU load setting to the max Also your quality preset is set to extreme, this will also impact the speed of the LODs generating
RePixelatedMC3mo ago
I never had this issue on previous versions and my cpu is idling on aggressive And yess the previous version was on max as well and i have a 7950X