Ghost LODs post Worldedit usage

I used worldedit in singleplayer to cut and paste a build, but the build still comes up as an LOD rendering. It doesn't seem to update or recognize that the blocks are not there anymore. can I refresh my Distant Horizons data to fix it, or is there some other method?
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Bucket2mo ago
To be clear, the bugged blocks are made up of the floating house appearing behind the clouds, center.
Puhpine2mo ago
you can indeed reset your data to fix this, by deleting the sql file, or you can try force updating the chunks by turning up cpu load and placing/breaking blocks in those chunks /lodstored
YAGPDB.xyz2mo ago
Single Player: - Overworld: .minecraft/saves/WORLD_NAME/data/DistantHorizons.sqlite - Nether: .minecraft/saves/WORLD_NAME/DIM-1/data/DistantHorizons.sqlite - End: .minecraft/saves/WORLD_NAME/DIM1/data/DistantHorizons.sqlite - Custom Dimensions: .minecraft/saves/WORLD_NAME/DIMENSION_FOLDER/data/DistantHorizons.sqlite Multiplayer: - .minecraft/Distant_Horizons_server_data/SERVER_NAME/
Bucket2mo ago
thanks man, I'll give it a try