Prisma2mo ago

P3009 error on deploy

Hi im facing a strange issue with this error: Error: P3009 636migrate found failed migrations in the target database, new migrations will not be applied. Read more about how to resolve migration issues in a production database: https://pris.ly/d/migrate-resolve 637The 20240528074437_rmv_clothing_table migration started at 2024-05-28 09:07:03.450140 UTC failed 638error Command failed with exit code 1. I’ve deleted the migration file but the etror still refer to it and I don’t undertstand why is this related to caching ?
Patching & hotfixing | Prisma Documentation
How to reconcile the migration history after applying a hotfix or patch to a production environment.
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younes2mo ago
it seems that all the migrations file have a reference in a specific table but idk the reason of that if anyone can explain to me it would be great thank you