XR1 Pro not compatible with OSSC timings for NESRGB timings, regardless of line mode used.

As the title says, the OSSC with the NESRGB timings (using RGB out for testing) from my Nt Mini Noir gives me a "Not Supported" screen on my XR1 Pro. If I adjust the horizontal sample rate to 340 or 342, I get an image but with columns of shimmering pixels. Is there anything I can do in terms of timings or other settings to get this to work?
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Seth Arkada
Seth Arkada2mo ago
So, found out the solution for the NES. I set "h. subsample fract" in the sampling for 256x240 to 0.25, and now those timings work all the way up to Line5x. Even with output set to 160ox1200 or 1920x1200. Closing and locking this thread, though I hope this helps other OSSC owners having issues with their USB capture devices, and NES/SNES and MegaDrive 256-wide games.