Is there any way of making Dh compatible with Alex Caves?

I know that by disabling biome_ambient_light_coloring you can make DH work again, but even then the LODs in Alex Caves don't work, is there any way of making them work?
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Brussel_sprouts2mo ago
No known fix Or they just won't add it Idk
Lore2mo ago
Yeah it seems like the way they wrote biomes collides with DH, also oculus Hey, i found the solution to make the LODs work, DH has an option called Cave Culling that disables LOD generation further than a certain height, it comes enabled by default and therefore Ales Cave's biomes wont load due to their height (below 0, cave culling default value is 40), if you disable cave culling the LODs will generate just fine DH options button>Advanced Options>Graphics>Advanced Graphics Options>Cave Culling