Complex Compatibility Project - Shaders, Immersive Portals, Distant Horizons, Sinytra Connector +

Hello all, Main question as a TLDR before explaining myself; What I want to know is whether it's actually possible to get Distant Horizons with full shader support working on any version of Iris prior to 1.7.10. So I've been attempting to get a complex system of mods working together - Shaders (Specifically BSL), Immersive Portals, Distant Horizons, Sinytra Connector, Embeddium and Oculus. Ambitious, I know. I'm following this guide; And I've gotten quite far; Everything works together except shader's and Distant Horizons at the same time working correctly. All m mod versions are up to date at the time of writing except Embeddium and Oculus which are on 0.3.3 and 1.6.15a, respectfully. However, to get this working I have had to use Oculus 1.6.15 which, to my knowledge, doesn't have the required support for Distant Horisons to use shaders with built in compatibility like Photon, BSL and Bliss. Am I wrong in assuming this? I know that Immersive Portals can't run of the framework of Iris 1.7.10 onwards on as something fundamental was changed within the code of Iris. Any advice or discussion would be appreciated! It's been a fun project so far and the promise of DH+Shaders+Stacked ImPo dimensions feels SO CLOSE yet may not be possible.
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Brussel_sprouts2mo ago
No 1.6.15a oculus does have shader support but it's limited Immersive portals also prob won't be supported with dh shaders
WipMeGrandma2mo ago
In the reddit thread, the person who wrote the guide and I shared this comment exchange; ElenaNya: Certain DH build can run smoothly with Oculus 1.6.x and shaders Me: Any idea which? I tried a few combinations but none allowed DH+Oculus+Shaders. Best I got was Shaders and DH being present on the same build but it was either disable shaders for DH or enable shaders and DH stopped rendering LODs ElenaNya: 1.6.15DH compat from their discord and dh 2.0.3 What is the 1.6.15DH compat they're talkin about and do you think they're misunderstanding the issue? They seemed certain it was possible but I have my doubts
Brussel_sprouts2mo ago
I'm not smart so idk how compat works, Wait for someone else smarter
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Brussel_sprouts2mo ago
All I know is 1.6.15a oculus can run shaders alongside dh, but it's very different compared to 1.7 Immersive portals compat is also very hard to understand
えふぃ4w ago
Theres DH compatible version of oculus named "oculus-1.6.15DH" available on their discord server I tried, though I got nothing but LOD chunks as I entered the world But let's at least tell you that I was able to boot up and enter the world. He said that on the oculus server 'using shaders solved the problem', so I will check that