Multi tracks for live and recording

Say I have 7 inputs. For streaming, I have them all on track 1. For recording, I have 2 pa channels on track 1 and the rest individually on 2-6 Will the recording have just the 2 pa channels on track 1 or will it have all of the inputs from the stream mode? I'm trying to make the 2 pa tracks mono with 1 panned left and the other panned right so I can split them in Davinci and end up with 7 tracks. I actually have more inputs then the 7. My ultimate goal is that when I edit the livestream down is to be able to put all the audio into Atmos and have the feeling you are actually in the center of the track Does this all seem like the right way to go about it?
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Technically Alex
Unless you set the recording encoder to use the stream, it will have all the tracks you select
nuthinfancy2mo ago
Just realized I can only select 1 track in settings for stream.