Why does everyone always pick crossroads?

It's a very boring map with nothing special, not even the arena, only the beach is the special part and it is always boring too, I can't deal with this. either bring back the old maps or give us all the versions.
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Combat Warriors
Combat Warriors2mo ago
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Coffee2mo ago
well its because crossroads is the best map compared to the rest, sadly
Eboo2mo ago
isola, crossroads V2 and 2ksa. people dont like quality these days.
Coffee2mo ago
isola is small and cramped and has bad spawn points v2 is as cluttered as it is large 2ksa is just super flat and not really fun to fight on and the other removed maps such as rivers of sin, were just godawfully small enchanted forest was large as hell, but for whatever reason all the spawn points were next to each other
Eboo2mo ago
still want to play the maps often instead of flat black, grey, green, dark green, white, wood, sand and water blocks with a castle and mountains and that one blue tower also light spamming children.
izzity2mo ago
only good map
Jmou3ag1ng2mo ago
not everyone has a good pc as me i play at work so i use an office pc and crossroads is the most unlaggy map in cw the other ones are laggy
Stolas |  Battle Hedgehog
bring back jungle