can you make chocapic13's v7, v7.1, v8 support iris?

If you can please make them support iris and iris still has some issues with some shaders, some shaders water quality becomes really glitchy, some shaders doesn't work even though that shader description said it supports iris, and some crashes minecraft
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hardester2mo ago
Crashing Minecraft is an exaggeration, but with Iris 1.7 introduces major changes to the backend to get shaders support for Distant Horizons, packs have to be updated to work on Iris 1.7. Chocapic13 shaders is unfortunately unmaintained and will stay that way for a little longer. However, all hope is not lost. If you really want the style of Chocapic13 shaders, #Bliss is its successor.
Piotr Barcz YT
Piotr Barcz YT2mo ago
Chocapic V9 works fine