The Iris Project


The Iris Project

This server is all about the development and community around Iris Shaders!


Possible bug, most likely something im doing

while testing mods for a survival modpack id like to play with DH now out. I came across a weird visual glitch while testing fps. I am on forge. it doesn't matter what shader I use i still get the bug. the shaders i use being BSL (preferred choice) or complementary reimagined
maybe its a setting I accidentally turned on im not sure. any help is great thank you...
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The Notes Download

Whenever I try to download the universal jar thing from Iris, it gives me notes instead of the actual download. I don't know how to fix this.
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Wont let me install newest versions

Whenever I try to load the downloader, it shows this. Never happened until today, so why?
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fps capped at 60 with vsync

my monitors refresh rate is 240hz and i get around 100-120 fps without vsync but when i turn it on it gets capped at 60 fps. Is this normal?
press shift+P in video settings and make sure fullscreen resolution is set to current

Some modded textures disappear with shaders enabled

So I have Nyf's quivers mod and noticed that textures for quivers don't seem to load with shaders on. Any shaders. When I turn them off it works.

Extremely low FPS UI with shader enabled

I'm running Iris 1.7 with Distant Horizons and a compatible shader. Whenever I bring up ANY sort of UI menu, my FPS gets extremely low. As soon as I leave the UI and return to normal gameplay, the FPS returns to normal shortly after. I've disabled DH and only ran the shader, and the problem persisted. I tried again with the shader completely disabled, and the problem was instantly resovled. Interestingly, I've noticed the problem doesn't seem to occur with the F3 menu open.

Distant horizon does not work with bliss

without using shaders, dh works, but when I try to enable bliss or ComplementaryReimagined, dh throws an error
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Visual Ocean Bugg Bliss

I'm experiencing an issue with distant horizon, seems to be happenning only with bliss. Basically, me and a friend are making a giant ocean with world edit by copying a square chunk of an already existing ocean somewhere, and slowly carving a bigger ocean. Problem is, with bliss, when I paste my chunk of ocean over some natural land, and leave that area to let DH's LOD load that area, it apears as a ghost of the old terrain, but reflective/mirror looking. Disabling specular water refaction fixes...
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SOLVED, hall of mirrors cause and fix Distant Horizons 2.1.0

Hall of mirrors is caused by turning the Distant Horizons LOD renderer off when shaders are running. Crash fixed by restarting the game completely. If you want to turn off the distant horizons renderer, turn off shaders first, turn the renderer off, turn on shaders again. Turn off shaders before turning the renderer on again. LOD quality preset switches don't crash anything anymore, you can switch them without shutting off shaders. Switching from Bliss to Complementary didn't have an effect, switching from Complementary to Sildurs didn't do anything either. Switching from Sildurs to Bliss also didn't do anything. I can confirm that at least on my Lenovo Legion with a GTX 1660 ti GPU that ONLY the toggle rendering will break Bliss and it WON'T break Complementary. @hardester @Slooshie Let me know if I should get video evidence of this too....

RTX 3060 vs 4060

which one best for for distance horizone with shader or i hope is 2k recording or editing so for best gaming and render wat i buy 3060 or 4060? please help me i paid everythin just not gpu here my new pc items i buy it i7 13th gen 16GB ram 2x slot = 32GB ram ddr5 corsair B790 gigabyte motherboard...

Transperent > complete but still errors

I had change to complete and i thought it got fixed but when increasing lod distance 32 to 128 got error again with more different. so its errors when changing lod distance (shader is bliss and it fixes with rejoining world)
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DH wont enable

Hey, can someone help me with this issue:
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DH glitch (again)

Why does those mountains look like this,I loaded them and when I am far it just looks like this
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DH glitch

This weird sky keeps appearing how do I fix it
Restart your game. Don’t disable/enable the DH rendering or change any other DH quality settings while shaders are enabled. Switching from incompatible shaders to DH-compatible ones may also trigger this

Can't select Distant Horizons beta version in Iris Installer in any versions

So basically everything in title, check the screenshots, am i doing something wrong or didnt saw the news that i cant select this now?
You need to download the DH file seperatly now
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Iris installing not working?

I'm not sure where ive gone wrong i installed iris and fabric 1.20.4 then added DH to the mod file in iris and it hasnt worked

Iris Installer now working

So I watched a video on how to improve certain settings + fps for minecraft. I downloaded your link from your website, added the pack into mod folder and tried launching the game, but it states that iris-installer is not a mod. So I read up on your website that I need to launch the iris-installer, but there simply no launch option inside the pack. I open the fabric.mod and there's just a text saying if i see this message, there's a bug. So decided to hop in here and see if I could possibly get s...
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can you make chocapic13's v7, v7.1, v8 support iris?

If you can please make them support iris and iris still has some issues with some shaders, some shaders water quality becomes really glitchy, some shaders doesn't work even though that shader description said it supports iris, and some crashes minecraft