water not connecting correctly

i dont think this is what the water is supposed to look like, how do i fix it?
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That Guy
That Guy2mo ago
Could you provide any more details e.g. why do you think the water isn't meant to look like that or could you provide another screenshot without dh on please
إلياس2mo ago
it the fact that there is wall in the water between lod and real chunks
ggus2mo ago
i have the same problem btw and i have disabled vanilla fog which i though was the problem
That Guy
That Guy2mo ago
fog wouldn't make a difference unless you couldn't see past your vanilla render distance
TheNewSky2mo ago
Pretty sure that’s expected There’s a mod called blendium that blends it but it hasn’t been updated in a while
MarijnIsN00B2mo ago
Thats just how it looks Transitioning from one transparent thing to another is hard
J𐌡KⲶ2mo ago
Yeah i figured