my game keeps crashing mid game and shows this error.

my game keeps crashing mid game and shows this error. My account is banned and I made another account which is also banned now. It also showed VAN 5 Error Code and VAN 185 Error Code, I only took a picture of this just now. please help fix this.
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Support Agent
Support Agent2w ago
Error Code VAN 185 typically indicates a connection issue. Here are steps to try resolving it: 1. Restart VALORANT and the Riot Client: Sometimes a simple restart resolves the issue. 2. Check Internet Connection: Ensure your network is stable. Try resetting your modem/router. 3. Update Network Drivers: Ensure your network drivers are up-to-date. 4. Allow VALORANT through Firewall: Make sure VALORANT is not blocked. Details: Firewall Guide. As for the account bans, if you believe they are unjustified, submit a support ticket to Riot Games for investigation: Riot Support. Keep your system and software clean and avoid using third-party tools that could trigger bans.
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Mochii2w ago
Van 5 Error Code