SOLVED, hall of mirrors cause and fix Distant Horizons 2.1.0

Hall of mirrors is caused by turning the Distant Horizons LOD renderer off when shaders are running. Crash fixed by restarting the game completely. If you want to turn off the distant horizons renderer, turn off shaders first, turn the renderer off, turn on shaders again. Turn off shaders before turning the renderer on again. LOD quality preset switches don't crash anything anymore, you can switch them without shutting off shaders. Switching from Bliss to Complementary didn't have an effect, switching from Complementary to Sildurs didn't do anything either. Switching from Sildurs to Bliss also didn't do anything. I can confirm that at least on my Lenovo Legion with a GTX 1660 ti GPU that ONLY the toggle rendering will break Bliss and it WON'T break Complementary. @hardester @Slooshie Let me know if I should get video evidence of this too.
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Slooshie2mo ago
I've had it break Complementary clouds disappear and with Shrimple the sky goes fully white
Piotr Barcz YT
Piotr Barcz YT2mo ago
Huh Yeah well the most common issue is still the hall of mirrors so yeah