Is keyboard and mouse allowed on console Valorant?

im tryna smurf
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Support Agent
Support Agent2mo ago
VALORANT is currently a PC-only game and hasn't been officially released for consoles. As such, there's no support for using keyboards and mice on a console version of VALORANT, mainly because the game doesn't exist on those platforms. If you hear otherwise, it may be misinformation. If a console version is released in the future, Riot Games will provide guidelines on peripheral support and account use across platforms.
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shax2mo ago
console won't have kbm support
Aizen2mo ago
ps5 has kbd support in cod warzone kbd and mouse support depends on the game itself i play hollow knight with kbd on ps4 as well so its working fine when the game devs allowed it
shax2mo ago
i know that riot has specifically said valorant wont have kbm support on console
Callsign: Nero
Callsign: Nero2mo ago
Which is a good thing in my opinion.
JSN2mo ago
the ai called riot a misinformer
Callsign: Nero
Callsign: Nero2mo ago
Keep in mind, the game hasn't actually been released yet. So the AI isn't wrong.