Export client types in custom package

Hi, Actually I have a project in a monorepo, with a app/ folder and api/ folder. My API folder contain a node project that runs a web server, and also contains my prisma install. Now that i'm setting up the front, I would like to use the sames types as my back, but can't see a good solution to to that. My goal would be to have a types/ folder at the same root as my both projects, that is literally a node_module that contains all types that i want to use across projects. I tried to create a 2nd Prisma client that generate inside this folder, but when I try to build my package with a simple file that `export * from "myCustomPrismaClientPath/index", it throw me a lot of typescript error because it can't find packages like @babel/types or "undici-types". Do you guys have any idea or suggest to fix that ?
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DollarNavalex2mo ago
Turborepo seems to be maybe a solution. The other problem is that all my projects doesn't runs in the same environment. While my backend is running in a docker container, my app can't because i'm building it for iOS and need my macOS tools to work on, don't know if turborepo would be good with this differences