Encoder overload

Log from last night's stream: https://obsproject.com/logs/I3zpzG6ynOQJrPUl Experienced occasional overload throughout the whole stream, but nothing too bad. Until I went to my "Stream Ending" scene, and things got really choppy. It honestly might just be due to my scenes being quite complex. Looking for any advice on how to mitigate these issues.
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jenks4w ago
Just going to log some of the changes I've made and see if it's better next time I stream: - Lowered recording preset to P1 on vertical and regular output (not sure when I made it higher) - Enabled "video buffer - full" on my VLC source clone (apparently this setting renders the video once to the buffer and then renders it from there and saves on resources) - Raised my CQ level from 20 to 22 (I just did this because I wanted to save on file size) Update: I decided to just get rid of my VLC video source. It doesn't support hardware decoding, and ultimately that's the issue. Playing these videos is just too CPU-intensive. I tried the media source playlist plugin which lets you use the regular media source for playlists, but that plugin doesn't work with hardware decoding either. I tested it, it's still using the CPU. So I'm just going to create a different Stream Ending scene without the VLC playlist for now.