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Unable to create a Typebot account with email

I'm trying to sign up with a company email but unable to. - I put in my email into the sign up email field. - I receive a magic link in my inbox. - I click the link and it takes me to the same sign up field as before, and I have to provide the email again, and it simply loops. The url when clicking the magic link in my inbox shows an error: https://app.typebot.io/signin?error=Verification . I’ve tried signing up with both Chrome and Arc browser. As a note, not sure if it's affecting anything, but the company email system has a security filter that checks emails clicked (Mimecast). Though I haven't had any issues accessing any links before, and this would be the first.
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Baptiste4w ago
Indeed, since the link is opened by your company filter, then it invalidates the link That's a known issue... Hard to resolve