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Does Raw Queries Hit Read Replica ?

Hey folks There are places where we use raw sql queries which are unavoidable , we have a read replica setup as well we did that as suggested in the documentation with prisma/extension-read-replicas package My question is when using raw queries will the query hit Master DB or read replica. here is a sample query we use it as per the documentation but mentioning here as well - await prismaClient.$queryRaw<any>(Prisma.sql SELECT * from "TableName" ); i have tried doing load test on my api end point when using raw query but didn't get any conclusion can someone please help me with this. Thanks in advance 🙂
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jonfanz2mo ago
GitHub - prisma/extension-read-replicas: Prisma Client Extension to...
Prisma Client Extension to add read replica support to your Prisma Client - prisma/extension-read-replicas