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Does discord.js have a feature like Composer in Telegraf (the library to make Telegram bots)? I don't think so (or at least I don't know). It would be cool to have such a feature that helps organising code into files without implementing command and/or event handlers. Please let me know if there is something like that by tagging me, thanks!
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d.js toolkit
d.js toolkit4w ago
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Svitkona4w ago
djs is a fairly thin wrapper around the gateway/API if you want something more full-fledged (and opinionated), you'd be looking for a framework like sapphire
.izonit?4w ago
Okay, I'd try it out. But still, I don't count this topic as solved I would like to see if there are any solutions in discord.js itself, without using any frameworks.
chewie4w ago
Short answer: no Longer answer: Use sapphirejs, as mentioned by @Svitkona
.izonit?4w ago
Okay, thanks