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Hi, I enabled TTL on my Novu Database but I have a question regarding the digest. If I set an event digest to happen on a 2 month timer ( TTL for most collections is 1 month) will novu compensate when creating the message?
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Ask Inkeep
Ask Inkeep2mo ago
Hi @GoldenCommunist, I'm an AI assistant for Novu. While a team member reviews this question, I'll see if I can find relevant sources for your question. ----------------------------- While I generate an answer, here are some sources that might be helpful: * Digest Engine * Digest multiple events in a single notification * How to batch product notifications via code * Orchestration -----------------------------
Ask Inkeep
Ask Inkeep2mo ago
Answer To address your question about the handling of TTL (Time To Live) settings and digest intervals in Novu: When you set a TTL for your database collections and also configure a digest with a longer interval than the TTL, it's important to understand that the TTL will affect the retention of data in your database, potentially deleting data before it can be included in a digest if the digest interval exceeds the TTL. In Novu, the digest mechanism aggregates multiple events into a single message based on the specified interval. If your TTL is set to delete events after 1 month, but your digest interval is set for 2 months, events may be deleted by the TTL before they are included in the digest. Novu doesn't automatically compensate for this discrepancy. You would need to adjust either the TTL settings or the digest interval to ensure that events are retained long enough to be included in the digest. For managing digests, especially with long intervals, it's advisable to ensure that your TTL settings allow data to persist long enough to be processed in your desired digest cycle. If you have specific requirements or further questions, adjusting the configurations to align the TTL with your digest needs or consulting the Novu documentation for advanced configurations might be necessary (1) . If the current documentation or setup options don't fully meet your needs, consider reaching out on the community forums or to Novu's support to discuss potential enhancements or custom solutions.
Ask Inkeep
Ask Inkeep2mo ago
Got it. Tagging @Support for additional help.
Tomer Barnea
Tomer Barnea2mo ago
@Pawan Jain can you verify the answer here?
Pawan Jain
Pawan Jain2mo ago
@GoldenCommunist Are you self-hosting Novu? You have configured TTL on all collections or only messages collections?
GoldenCommunist2mo ago
Ive only configured on Execution Details, Messages, Jobs and Notifications which are internal Novu features and yes I am self-hosted.
Pawan Jain
Pawan Jain5w ago
@GoldenCommunist I got to know from my team that custom TTL can not be configured in self hosting. TTL feature can be enabled or disabled
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