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Auto-import Component from node_modules

Whichever way i try i get an error "does not provide an export named 'default' / 'string'" or the Icon Component remains unresolved. 1. The module registers. 2. Importing manually in vue works 3. I tried with and without resolver (resolve('../node_modules/@iconify/vue')), 4. I tried with import inside module and without 5. I tried with default/string export. Code for copy paste: import { addComponent, defineNuxtModule, createResolver } from '@nuxt/kit' import { Icon } from '@iconify/vue'; export default defineNuxtModule({
setup() { const {resolve} = createResolver(import.meta.url) addComponent({ name: 'Icon', export: 'string', filePath: resolve('../node_modules/@iconify/vue'), global: true, }) }, })
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