Ambient Occlusion Not Supported in DH 2.1?

I saw an older post saying that DH's AO setting is turned off automatically when shaders are loaded, and it seems it can't be turned on while they're active. Just checking if this is known/intended behavior or if there are any workarounds? I see a lot of beautiful screenshots, but every time I've tried DH so far my LODs just seem so flat in comparison, especially the trees. Apologies if this is a common question, I had a search around but didn't see anything besides the aforementioned old posts. Running 2.1.0-a on Fabric 1.20.4. This screenshot is Bliss but I've tried a few others with similar results.
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Puhpine2mo ago
AO would need to be done on the shader side. I don't think DH could do it while shaders are active
Lep2mo ago
mm interesting, i assumed it was on DH's end bc the difference between the LOD and the normal chunks was so dramatic but it could just be how the shaders handle them im trying photon now and it already looks much less flat
BackSun2mo ago
Whenever shaders are active a lot of DH's effects are disabled and must be re-implemented by the shader dev. Ambient occlusions, noise textures, and overdraw prevention to name a few.
Lep2mo ago
ah oki, makes sense