Expanding row that is being clipped

Hi all. I'm working on a project to bring a graphical display to Home Assistant's Assist virtual assistant.
https://github.com/dinki/View-Assist/wiki/ This has thrown me head first into the unknown world of CSS (for me). I am trying to modify some of the cards that Home Assistant provides to full screen views and am running into an issue. I've attached an image where text on certain rows are being clipped on the top and the bottom. Can someone tell me what CSS I can use to adjust so that these have more room for the text?
View Assist provides visual feedback for the Home Assistant Assist Voice Assistant - dinki/View-Assist
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dinkiβ€’2mo ago
This was solved by using:
line-height: 1.6
line-height: 1.6
vinceβ€’2mo ago
There's something more going on, your styles look very... unconventional