How to resolve this error, it happens when I try to send an image(only sometimes)

Unhandled Rejection: SocketError: other side closed at TLSSocket.<anonymous> (/home/container/node_modules/@discordjs/rest/node_modules/undici/lib/dispatcher/client-h1.js:681:24) at TLSSocket.emit (node:events:531:35) at endReadableNT (node:internal/streams/readable:1696:12) at process.processTicksAndRejections (node:internal/process/task_queues:82:21) { code: 'UND_ERR_SOCKET',
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d.js toolkit2mo ago
- What's your exact discord.js npm list discord.js and node node -v version? - Not a discord.js issue? Check out #other-js-ts. - Consider reading #how-to-get-help to improve your question! - Explain what exactly your issue is. - Post the full error stack trace, not just the top part! - Show your code! - Issue solved? Press the button!