Fullscreen glitch

Now i have the problem where my game freezes but the audio is still playing and my mouse pointer is saying something is loading and then not anymore the hole time.
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Support Agent
Support Agent2mo ago
It sounds like you're experiencing a common issue with fullscreen mode in VALORANT. Here are some steps you can try to resolve it: 1. Update Graphics Drivers: Ensure your graphics drivers are up to date. You can usually update them through the manufacturer's software (e.g., NVIDIA GeForce Experience, AMD Radeon Software). 2. Disable Fullscreen Optimization: Right-click on the VALORANT shortcut -> Properties -> Compatibility tab -> Check "Disable fullscreen optimizations" -> Apply. 3. Adjust In-Game Settings: - Open VALORANT. - Go to Settings -> Video -> Graphics Quality. - Lower your graphics settings to see if it resolves the issue. 4. Windowed Fullscreen: If the problem persists, try switching to Windowed Fullscreen mode instead of Fullscreen. This can be done in the in-game settings under Video. 5. Run as Administrator: Right-click on VALORANT and select 'Run as administrator' to see if it fixes the issue. 6. Background Applications: Close any background applications that might be causing conflicts, especially those that use graphic overlays. 7. Reinstall VALORANT: As a last resort, consider uninstalling and reinstalling VALORANT. If these steps don’t solve the issue, I recommend reaching out to Riot Games support for further assistance.
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Aspyyyy2mo ago
Nothing works Reinstalling done that before
ry1n2mo ago
what graphics card do ya have
Aspyyyy2mo ago