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My riot account was hacked on 20th June without knowing how. When I was trying to login, it said that the credentials were not correct and I had to recover it back using the recovery tool of riot. I got it back that day and had turned 2fa on. The next day, my account got compromised again, even though 2fa was on. I used the recovery tool again and got it back, but my account got hacked again and the email id was changed. This time, when I tried to get it back from the recovery tool, it said that automatic recovery won't be possible now and I will have to raise a ticket. I did the same mentioning my account details yesterday but haven't received any mail back yet. What should I do now? How should I protect my account from getting compromised again?
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Support Agent
Support Agent2mo ago
It's important to ensure your account's security by taking these immediate steps: 1. Raise a Ticket with Riot Support: If you haven't already, submit a new detailed ticket to Riot Support explaining your situation and providing all necessary details for account verification. Include any reference numbers from previous tickets. 2. Change Passwords: Immediately change the passwords of your email account associated with the Riot account and any other accounts using similar credentials. 3. Run Security Checks: Perform thorough virus and malware scans on your devices to ensure no malicious software is compromising your security. 4. Review Security Tips: Visit the Riot Support page on account protection and follow their security recommendations. ( Since response times from Riot Support can vary, make sure to monitor your ticket status regularly.
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yugen2mo ago
ur pc is hacked i think hello r u there? if im not wrong i think ur pc has been hacked thats why they r knowing ur pass if u like changed it , i think u downloaded a really sketchyyyy app that allowed ur pcc access to them the only way is to reinstall or a new clean windows installation
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I did reset my pc but still the email got changed
wu2mo ago
submit a ticket to riot theyll get to u in a day or so and theyll confirm that its you that actually has the account then lock the other person out
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Yea I've got it back I had raised a ticket yesterday Thanks for assisting tho