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Is there any way to add a System Health Monitor

In the official documentation you can only implement a System Health Monitor using Proxmox or OpenMediaVault. https://homarr.dev/docs/widgets/health-monitoring/ Is there any way to monitor your server stats without Proxmox or OpenMediaVault? Operating system: Debian 12.5
🖥️ System Health Monitor | Homarr documentation
The system health monitor widget enables you to integrate with OpenMediaVault and Proxmox. Using the widget, you can view performance and resource data for your systems.
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Can I install Homarr on a Raspberry Pi?
Tag3w ago
No, but anyone that has a different system and wishes for it to be implemented, they are welcome to contribute it. It's too hard for us to make every setup possible and maintain them just to make the integration and both OMV and proxmox were already contributed from users just wishing to see it. You can always use Dash. (dashdot) for undirect monitoring, but although available, help on it might not be provided as Iframes can be hard to setup and debug.
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i would love that as well. but for now i keep an app called Glances. its nothing fancy but at least i can get some data out of it if thats the only thing you need.
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Laehar2w ago
@Cremejoghurt you could include glances through an iframe as a quick/dirty solution I think
Cremejoghurt2w ago
good point